Turnaround time is usually 7-10 business days from the date the deposit is received unless noted upfront. For larger/more complicated jobs, please allow for additional time in your planning.


Depending on the current work schedule, we are able to take on rush orders but fees will be applied.

$75 4 day order

$125 3 day or less


Please send design work in a high-resolution (300ppi ) PDF, PSD, JPEG or AI file. If you have specific sizing, Pantone color, or placement requirements, please include those as well.  


Throughout the order placing process, you will receive a quote and mockups for your order. Please look these over carefully! Once the quote and mockups are approved, they are the definitive reference for us for your job. Any issues with art, quantity, sizes, styles etc. discovered after approval are not our responsibility. We are human and can make make mistakes. The quote and mockups are where we check each other's work. This is the final step before we run the job, so make sure everything is correct!


Half of the total payment for the order is due upfront to get the order started. The other half of payment is due after the job is completed or during pickup. Product will not be released until full payment has been made!